On May 23rd, 2017, my life changed forever when I lost a dear friend and team-mate of mine, Dijon Anderson. Dijon was sensely murdered on the west side of Indianapolis, in the city where we both resided. Though we both were from India-napolis locally, we were kids from the complete opposite side of town of his mur-der, the east side. Dijon’s death was tragic on both myself and as well as my peers. I knew how frightened majority of my classmates were after the loss of Dijon, so I decided to start an organization known as We LIVE (rhymes with five).

I was able to gather many classmates and find the organization, which would even-tually become an official nonprofit. The organization’s mission is to stand up against all youth violence. Being led by all youth, we were able to host our first annual peace walk August of 2017. The peace walk held over 500 people, which then car-ried over to a Community Day sponsored by us as well at a local park. Our message was simple, “we want to stand up against gun violence, starting by being leaders in our own community.” So on August 11th of 2017, we did just that, we became leaders.

We LIVE stands for more than hosting events, We LIVE stands for ‘Linking to In-tercept Violence Everywhere.’ Since finding the organization, I have been able to recruit many young people around the local area of Indianapolis to be apart. I have been able to gather other youth who wants to link with me, and intercept violence together. The mission not only stands for Dijon, but it stands for every other young person who have loss their life to violence; nevertheless, for every young person who easily could find themselves in those shoes. Together, I believe we can stop the violence that has been taking the lives of our young people. Together, I believe as a generation of young people we can continue to step up and speak out against all causes of violence everywhere.

Hi my name is Destiny and I am currently 18 yrs old. Becoming the Ex-ecutive Director of We Live Inc was one of the most amazing things of 2018 that had happened to me. I got to understand that not everything goes as planned. I joined the organization to make my voice be heard, to emphasize that Enough is enough. Remember that quote as you read further today. Enough is enough! I was with a group of people that felt the same way. Working with Brandon is an honor because not only are we close in age but were each other back up. We are a team of leaders fighting to make our community a better place. You don't see that out of teens often. Coming together with families, friends and classmates to stop this has been one of the most powerful teams come to the nation, in my eyes. It is not about enough being an enough for just only you but when an entire community say 's " enough is enough" you have no choice but to listen and I think that's the best thing about my job.

Destiny, 18