Hello my name is Isaiah, and I am 13 years old. I am here to tell you about to much screen time, and what I am going to do to create better habits with my own screen time. Technology is constantly changing. It is ev- erywhere, and now you may have the question, is that a good or bad thing? Well it can be both. You are lost and need help with directions just pull out your smartphone or your GPS and your back on the road to your destina- tion in no time. The negative effects of technology come from something deeper than your camera not working, its the harsh reality of how much screen time teens like myself manage to use. According to Common Sense Media, teens spend a average of 9 hours per day behind a screen. Apple products track your daily and weekly screen time, and a breakdown of where your screen time is spent. I myself spent 5hrs 20 mins on my phone at only 11:58am. 5 HOURS from 12am to almost 12pm. Which means a minimum of only 7 hours of sleep. I am going to work on reducing my screen time by going out- side more and playing with my friends and my family.

Isaiah, 13