Tips and Tricks...

Have you ever had that problem where you need to do something or you want to do something that doesn’t take a lot of time. Well here are some ideas.

Did you just get a cat and you don’t have a place for it to sleep?

Well you can make this simple house.

Find a box, put a T-shirt over it. Have the head hole face up in the opening of the box. Tuck the arm holes in so they don’t stick out. If you want your cat to have cushioning you can put pillows or blankets in it.

Now, for the dog people you can make an adorable collar out of an old plaid shirt.

Take the plaid shirt you don’t wear anymore. Cut the collar off the shirt. If you cut the right part there should be a button to button then put the collar onto your dog.

No sew pillow cases are awesome because you don’t need to sew.

Take an old blanket or some fabric and put the pillow you are using over it. You need two pieces of fabric. Use a sharpie to trace the pillow you want to be about an inch away from the pillow. Cut the line you made. Now what you want to do is cut in about an inch every half inch. Put the pillow on one piece of fabric, put the other piece of fabric on the pillow. Start tying every loose piece of fabric to the other side of loose fabric.

Your glasses are broke and you don’t want to buy new ones. Use floss!

The screw that was in your glasses fell off so now you have a hole were that screw was. Take the floss and put it threw that hole. This will be easier if you use a sewing needle. Tie the floss and cut off the excess floss.

Are you tired of tying your shoes every time you put them on?

Take your laces out of your tennis shoes. Find some zip-ties and put them where

your shoelaces go. Put your foot in the shoe and adjust the zip ties until you are able to slip them on and off with ease.

Remember that all tips might not work. For example: removing dog or cat hair and lint with slime. This might not work because the slime will get stuck to your clothes or any type of cloth if it is even somewhat sticky.

Bryleigh, 12