Tips 4 Studying

Before your big math or quiz test date do your review more than once so you understand the material well. If you’ve missed a day and/or are completely lost on a lesson, head to the internet where many different videos can be found that can help you learn. In English class, reading some of the material can be very helpful or difficult and hard to follow. Annotate and find phrases and words that make the readings easier to comprehend. Social studies is mostly memory so using those old flashcards is always a good idea. Look for keywords that can help you understand.

Now here are 5 quick tips on your study area at home:

- Make sure your workspace is clean and organized.

- Make sure you have good lighting.

- Limit your time on technology.

- Figure out what works for you. Just because your friends

study a certain way does not mean that it will work for you.

- Put your phone on silent and also add timers on your apps

so they won’t distract you with the rings and bell.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your productivity and keep your grades as high as possible!

Niya, 16