The Voice Team

The Voice is a wonderful program, I recommend this program to all teenagers. We were able to create our own magazine, and we were also able to take a photoshoot. The Voice provides so much information regarding helping you with accomplishing your goals for the future. They say it's scientifically proven that the more you write down your goals, the better chance you will have at accomplishing them. I enjoyed this program because it helped me to improve my writing skills. The Voice rewards teenagers who fully participate and deminstraights with good behavior with computers and ipads. Thank you for investing in me!!

John, 14

In my experience in VOICE I learned how to achieve my goals. I enjoyed the games we played, they taught us how to do the right things and reach our goals. What I liked most about the VOICE program is the people that helped motivate me to reach my goals in ways I did not think were possible. The VOICE program gave me confidence that I can do what I want to do as long as I put my mind to it, also it helped me to think about when I get older as well and I can be anything I want to become in life. I l enjoyed the snacks that were offered while in the program, they made me feel welcomed as we came through the door while preparing us to get ready to learn about what we want to do with our life and our goals. All the things they taught me encouraged me to be a football player or be an astronaut or to be the first person in the world in history to visit or maybe live at Uranus. The Voice made me feel that anything is possible and the sky's the limit. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an exciting program.

Aiden, 12

Voice is a wonderful experience and it was fun to hang with people and I learned so much in my time there and I loved it i was fun and I look forward to hanging out with the people it's so much fun and if you want to learn a little more about life come over and hang with the peoples and if you want to chill and talk and eat come over.

Marissa, 14

VOICE was an amazing program that taught me how to set and reach goals and how to spark inspiration. This program means a lot to me because of the things that it has taught me and what it has given me for my future. I would recommend VOICE to every kid that knows what they’re going to do, every kid that doesn’t, and every kid who has a flicker of an idea. That’s because VOICE can spark the goal, the dream, or the process. When I first participated in VOICE, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a lawyer and social studies teacher, and I knew the colleges I was going to go to, and I knew that I was going to open my own law office. After I participated, I knew more of the details of the process that I’m going to take to reach my goals. I liked the things that this program gave me for my future, and how the advisors supported me and told me that I could reach my goals.

Meredith, 12

The things that I liked about this experience was… That we were having fun and working together in groups. It was very educational I liked it.

Thank you Tamika and Teachers.

JaMarion, 14