The Sport Legend Experience

If you are looking for something to do this summer you should check out this new exhibit called The Sport Legend Experience at the Children’s Museum. Let me start by saying I had the opportunity to interview with Leslie Olsen Manager of Public relations before going to the exhibit to get a hands on experience. The interview was done in the sports art room which really wowed me because I love drawing. As we got through taking a tour of the exhibit I sat down with Mrs. Olsen to ask my first question. How do you come up with new ideas for the children museum exhibits? The exhibits are currently planned out until 2020 and that was cool knowing they already know what they are going to be doing in 2020. The ideas come from everything around us. Such as what’s popular at the time or what kids and families are really in to. They watch for new trends and activities that get kids going and excited. So then that brought me to my next question, what was the motivation for The Sport Legend Experience? It is an exhibit that targets every member of the family to get them to participate and get active. It was created to get the family to engage with one another and get active. I like that concept, my mom can play too. As our interview came to an end I asked what she would recommend for kids my age to try. Mrs. Olsen said to try them all; it’s a different experience for everyone. The next thing to do was to go visit the exhibit myself. I was so amazed by all the sports I could try. I stopped at the basketball exhibit. It was cool. It had regular hoops and hoops for little kids. I always wanted to try golf, and they had a small​ course for little kids and one for older kids and parents. This ​New Sports Legend Experience exhibit allows everyone to try new sports and have fun with family at the same time. It’s not competitive so you can just enjoy learning and playing. Be sure to bring a water bottle this summer because they have water stations and it will be hot. I think this is a good place for family and friends to visit this summer!

Zen, 12