The Inventors

“Hey can I borrow some salt?” Dave asked as he was walking past Kate, who was welcoming him on their dorm.

“Actually, we are kind of busy right now,” Mark told him pointing at the machine setting on a sturdy table. Around it was tools scattered everywhere.

“Oh cool,” Dave said as he started poking around the messy table.

“ Stop that's dangerous,” Kate demanded.

“I will right after you give me some salt.” Dave blackmailed.

“Fine,” Kate yelled, but before she walked away they saw the machine start wobbling and heard it making creaking noises. When they awoke they saw a green field, and behind them was tons of trees. Also, they noticed a stream of flowing water.

“Where in the world,” Dave muttered.

“Oh no,” Mark complained.

“What…..? Oh great, just great,” Kate realized suddenly.

“I feel like you guys aren’t telling me something. What’s going on?” Dave questioned with a dull face.

“Ok, me and Mark are kind of….um….inventors, and we created a time machine. But the bad news is when you started jabbing buttons you set it to prehistoric times,” Kate explained.

“And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly where we are,” Mark finished

“Wait so me messing with the machine is why we got sent back here?” Dave asked finally getting up off the grassy land. After Kate and Mark got to talking they realized they never finished the part where the machine appears where the people are.

“Mark focus. Have you seen anywhere the time machine could of appeared and not us?” Kate questioned as walking around the flowing river

“No, I haven’t” Mark answered with a frown on his face.

“Don’t say that. You need to stay positive. Plus, if we are, we’re here together and you could probably just make another one, with your awesome inventor skills!” Mark reassured making Kate have butterflies in her stomach.

When Mark glanced over he saw a humongous T-Rex running toward them. “Run!” Mark demanded.

As they ran back towards the woods, the dinosaur was shaking the whole field around them. Kate tripped, grabbed Mark, and both fell into the river alone their side. Their green eyes grew big as they saw a stream start dropping off in front of them.

Next, Mark clapped his hand down on the big brown log sticking out towards him.

“Help!” Kate yelled as she fell off the cliff. Mark had a frown plastered on his face when a hand gripped around his arm. When he saw the blond girl who just fell off a cliff on a Pterodactyl, saving him, he blushed with an embarrassed face.

Finally, safe on the ground, Mark told her, “I’ll try to save both of us next time.”

“Let’s just hope there is no NEXT time,” Kate convinced while both of them began to giggle.

When Mark and Kate got back to Dave, they thought they should get supplies for the night. As they were searching for food, they heard someone talking. They three of them peaked around some trees and saw the sam T-Rex. He was talking to another dinosaur.

“I swallowed this machine earlier and don’t know where it came from,” the T-Rex told him.

“He’s talking about our time machine!” Kate pointed out.

“I have a plan. We’ll follow him around until he poops, then we can get out of here,” Mark explained as Kate cringed.

The next day the group saw the dinosaur poop and then try to bury it.

“Come on. Let’s get this over with and get out of here,” Dave suggested as the dino left.

They were digging around and found the machine just as the T-Rex cam running their way.

As the dinosaur went to bite them, they vanished.

“Yes! We are finally back,” Dave yelled as he saw the same wooden table.

“Well, we need to get this invention to the lab, Kate. Dave you should come back over sometime, and we can all hang out in the present time,” Mark suggested.

“KK,” Kate answered

“Sounds cool,” Dave responded. When Mark grabbed the phone to call his lab, Dave left to go home.

After Mark was off the phone, he said, “I vote we get something to eat, then start a different invention.”

“I agree,” Kate said with a smile.

Meagan, 7th grader