Thank you Dream Factory!

My name is Gracie Belle and I am 9 years old. I have been riding horses since before I can remember. Horses are my favorite animal and I love riding and spending time with them. When I was 3yrs old I told my mom that my one day I wanted to go to the PINTO WORLDS horse show.

In June of 2015 at 5yrs old. I was diagnosed with Von Willebrands disease which is a bleeding disorder that effects 1-2% of the population. Having VWD meant that my life might not be the same as other kids my age as I am prone to bleeds both internal and external. As times has gone on I have learned a lot about VWD with my family. Throughout our journey we learned about the Dream Factory (a volunteer organization that grants wishes to children with chronic illness). In May of 2019 I asked my mom if I could fill out my application for my Dream Factory Dream. We sat down and filled out the application where I had to list three dreams. After filling out my application I met my “dream maker” Amy. We talked about why this was my dream and how I would feel if my dream came true. In October of 2019 MY DREAM CAME TRUE! Thanks to the Dream Factory I now have my very own American Paint Horse and we are on the path to THE PINTO WORLDS horse show.

Since my diagnosis my horses have given me a feeling of being “normal” like all the other kids.When I’m riding I don’t worry about my VWD and on days that I may need my medicine or I have to go to the doctor I know I can come home and my horses are there. I am so excited for this years show season and can’t wait to see what is in store for my horse and myself. We have a lot to learn and work on but I know that we can do it. Working with the horses makes me proud and gives me so much confidence because we have to work together as a team.

Gracie, 9