Self-Esteem Struggles

Self-esteem is really important. I have doubted myself multiple times before and after that I ran away. I had siblings and parents bringing me down. School didn’t help either. I had “friends” bringing me down. Making fun of me and that just hurt. I couldn't even talk to my parents because they had brought me down. I didn’t want to talk to the counselor either. I was scared until I told one of my friends and they helped me little by little. They have been helping me every day just by talking to me and making me laugh. YOU should never make anybody make you small and if they try just don’t listen and make yourself big.

Addison, 12

My name is Nigel, and I am a seventh-grader in Pike Township. I am a student-athlete who excels in school and plays several sports. The combination of family life, academics, and sports have all been contributing factors in building solid self-esteem. When students don't have well-established self-esteem, behaviors can escalate to serious problems. I know a lot of kids at my school who appear to have really low self- esteem. For example, there are some students who consistently have to go to alternative rooms because they don't know how to control their emotions. Often times, I feel that self-esteem is not the main issue. I don't agree with teachers when they put students that they think are problems in different classrooms. I believe it further impacts the students and makes them feel like they are different. Many of these students just need love and support from their homes. School becomes a place where they act out to get what they are missing at home.

Nigel, 13