Why do people bully? Is it because they are sad, mad or something has happened in their life? Some people bully because they believe it’s fun, but what they don’t understand is that there are different kinds of fun; mean fun and normal fun. People get bullied in different ways: physical bullying, cyberbullying, social bullying, and verbal bullying.

My experience with bullying... I have been bullied before when I was on a school bus sitting with my friend. We were just talking when out of nowhere a fourth grader behind us start cursing at us. This happened when I was in 2nd grade and continued off and on for my entire year riding the bus, but told myself often that I didn’t care and I tried ignoring him. Towards the end of the of the year I realized that he was being bullied socially. I only realized this after my class was visited by MMA Champion Chris Lytle, who came and talked with my class. The next day I decided to tell the bus driver of whom said to me, ”stop being so scared”. Honestly at that point I was not scared I just wanted the kid to stop already. When I realized the bus driver was not going to help I went on a journey to advocate for others like me.

It’s time to stand up!

I learned that some victims can’t stand up for themselves, either because they are too afraid or they just don’t want to do it. So I took it upon myself to teach them by telling them, ”Look, bullies will not stop until you stand up to them or tell a Parent or teacher. If you don’t then you’re going to feel afraid and bad everyday. Tell someone now if you are getting bullied. It’s worth it.” After advocating for friends I decided one day I would like to start writing a book about what it’s like being bullied and how to stop it.

It’s time to stop... all bullies need to stop bullying because it can severely impact people’s lives. Victims have turned to even hurting themselves because of this continued abuse. I refuse to give up and give power to those who are mean or attempt to bully me. And I promised myself in second grade that I will no longer stand by and let others be abused. As long as I have courage, know how to stay safe, and look out for others I know I’m doing my part. Doing my God-given duty as an Anti-bullying advocate for fellow student. Stay strong!

Gregory, 12