Not Your Norm Camp

Hello my name is Isaiah. I like to play sports, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Clash of Clans. My passion for sports comes from how much my family and I play sports together except my sister, she’s lazy. Playing video games, is a way I connect with my friends online. Day three of camp was my favorite. Our group traveled to downtown Indianapolis, Indiana to capture pictures of us and our surroundings. Third stop downtown was to Rocket Fizz to get candy. Honestly, I thought this camp was going to be boring but it turned out I was wrong. There were snacks, breaks, and free time to play basketball outside. Lastly, we had the chance to learn about cameras and how they work. I learned that you need different camera lens to take specific photos and that you and the wind can sometimes affect the picture. You need a reflector to get a good angle and a good beam of sunlight. I would most definitely come back to this camp again!

Isaiah, 13

I wanted to come because I thought it would embrace my creativeness. The most fun thing I’ve did was going down-town and doing the photo shoot and after going to rocket fizz and getting can-dy. I love animals. I am nice. My favorite animal is a komodo dragon. I act like a cat around laser pointers. I curl into a ball when I’m tired. I purr when I scratch myself. I bark and growl at squirrels. I learned how to make a magazine. (By the way my name is Asha and I am 8).

Asha, 8

I wanted to come to this camp because it seemed to be interesting. I always wanted to know how to take pictures on a camera because I wanted to be a you-tuber at some point in time. I also wanted to come because, I wanted to learn how to make my own business so I could make money to go to collage, by the way I want to go to LSU or Ohio State. I also would like to buy myself a car. My name is Anyia I’m 12 years old I’m in the 6th grader. I am a cheerlead-er for Champion Force, are colors are purple and black my favorite colors are blue and pink. I like this camp because they thought me how to make my own business, I meet new people Jaykeis helped me come up with a possible name for my business and Victoria did too.

Anyia, 12

Not Your Norm Camp was an amazing experience for me, and it really helped me start up my own business with the ideas that the staff helped me come up with. I’d recommend it for anybody! My business happened to be centered around my love for creativity and art, and the staff really helped me advance the ideas I had. I had a lot of fun with Not Your Norm this year!

Pasha, 14

The reason why I want to come to this camp is because I want my business to raise up to be the most popular one that can be yet. The reason why I decided to make my own business is because my dad gave me the idea. It started with chores by getting paid by doing it so I can buy my own stuff. But, it didn’t work, I ended up spending my mon-ey on candy and soda but here I am now. I kind of like gaming around and playing with my friends so I can know them better. One time one of my friends got me to laugh so much that I sneezed off my headphones. My friends make me laugh a lot of times so I like them. I like having friends, it's good to have some. So here I am, trying to make my business. The thing I like about the camp is they help me upgrade my job, so I can get paid good cash on the daily job. They taught me some new stuff that I did not know but this camp is better than the other one I know.

Ernest, 13

I wanted to come to the Not Your Norm camp because I love photography and wanted to see how I could help my phone case business. My name is Victoria and I love sports such as Track, Volleyball, and Basketball. I am 11 and I am a 6th Grader. My favorite subjects in school are Math, Social Studies, and Science. So far I liked learning how to manage my money in a business and meeting new friends. Lastly, I learned how to use dif-ferent settings on a camera and manag-ing and starting a business.

Victoria, 12

Well I wanted to come because I wanted to help my mom but she told me to go to a class and that was one of the best things she told me to do because I like it very much. The teachers were very funny my favorite teacher was the teacher who taught photography. Mrs. Darla is very funny she is very connected with the kids and she makes all of us laugh to the gut. I love coming here and I look forward to coming every day because of her humor. This camp has really opened up a lot of opportunities and a lot of new things for my business. I have a lot of peo-ple who want me to do websites business cards apps and all for their business. I have met a lot of new friends who were really cool an also funny. I’m 15 and I like basketball also I like de-sign and that’s what I liked about camp was the design class. I learned the different components about the camera and it really was a lot of stuff to taking a great picture. I was so grateful for the opportunity and I would accept the invita-tion to come here again in a heartbeat.

Jaykeis, 15