Mizzou Women’s Basketball

On June 21st at the Centralia Kiwanis Club meeting, at Centralia Golf and Social Club, Missouri Tigers women’s basketball coach Robin Pingeton, spoke to at least 40 people. She discussed her career and what she hopes she can help her players accomplish. She says it's more than just winning and losing. Pingeton was introduced by Centralia High School Principal and Centralia Kiwanis President Matt Smith, he told of Pingeton's career at St. Ambrose University in Iowa, where she earned All-American recognition in basketball and softball. During her career at Iowa she scored 2,502 basketball points which is still a record there. When she came to Mizzou to coach she said one of the first things she needed to do as a coach was to get buy-in from her players on three basic goals to rebuild the Lady Tigers attendance at their games. The three goals were...

- Win on the court

- Play a style that is really fun to watch

- Invest back in serving the community

She said her goals have worked and they have gone “from five to six-hundred fans at the games when she started to over 11,000 at the games." She said her player’s involvement in the community was one of the reasons for the increase in interest in the games. Pingeton shared her ideas that the team worked on when she first came to Mizzou. They came up with five main ideas for the program:

- Love no matter what on the court, in the locker room and in the community.

- Serve others without looking for what I am going to get out of it.

- Live gratefully, "I don't want my players to think that they should get every-

thing they they want without working hard for it.”

- Do the very best in everything we do, on the court, in our personal life, and in

the classroom. Pingeton said wants her players to ask themselves “How can I

be the best teammate,the best daughter,the best friend and the best ambas-

sador of Mizzou basketball?”

- Fall in love with the process - The process of becoming great, it doesn't hap-

pen quickly “live this everyday of your life."

Source: Centralia Fireside Guard

Caitlyn, 12

"Serve others without looking

for what I am going to

get out of it."