High school is a scary thing for a lot of 8th graders. We are no longer babies; we are teens. But, for me and my brother we are still tweens. I am a twin, my brother and I were promoted in 5th grade to 6th grade. We never had a chance to experience 5th grade. We are smart for our age, but we both are scared to begin this new journey in high school. In 8th grade we were the youngest and smallest in our grade. However, we managed to be fine, confident and began to be accepted by our classmates and pass to what is now going to be our Freshman year in high school. We will still be 12 at the beginning of the year. So, now we are back where we started 8th grade year. Zero confidence and scared about how we will fit in. Now I am optimistic and excited, but I am also nervous. My brother says he has confidence. I ask myself will we fit in, will we be able to keep up, and are we going to be treated different? Although I had all these questions at the beginning of 8th grade, I remember feeling so insecure, yet we were successful and it wasn’t at all what I expected. Being a tween in our freshman year is going to be challenging but I decided to approach it like my twin brother with positive vibes and confidence. We will get involved, won’t be afraid to ask questions and stay focused. We will be young, but we will be confident freshmen because we earned our right to be High Schoolers. I am looking forward to my high school years and showcasing my artistic skills. SO if you are not feeling confident about going into the new school year just remember you made it through already, it’s just a different year.

Believe in yourself.

This will be a great year!

Zen, 12