Hi I’m Faith, upper-class student at Crispus Attucks and I got the chance to talk to author Derrick Slack about his new children’s book titled Orange.

Faith: Mr. Slack, tell us a little about Orange.

Author Derrick Slack: I made up a story called Orange for my little sister, who was feeling bad one day. Orange was the loneliest word because nothing rhymed with Orange. The story was catchy, and she loved it, my little brother and cousin who was the same age loved it. After that, I started telling the story everywhere I went when I saw kids. It's interactive, and I was encouraged to put the story in a book twenty years ago, but I didn't.

Faith: What made you finally put the story in book?

Author Derrick Slack: My wife woke up in the middle of the night, jarred me awake, and said she had a dream about Orange and knows exactly what the character looks like. She encouraged me to write the book immediately. I had never written Orange; it was just an oral story.

Faith: How long did it take you to write the story?

Author Derrick Slack: It took me six hours.

Faith: What is the story in the book about?

Author Derrick Slack: Orange is a book about

Diversity, Inclusion, the Power of Words, Identify,

and positive self-esteem.

Faith: Why did you focus on this subject matter in

the book?

Author Derrick Slack: I’m an educator and I’ve lost students

to suicide which is now the second leading cause of death of youth ages 10-24 years old.

Faith: What are some of your goals with this book?

Author Derrick Slack: My goals are to reach youth that may be struggling with depression or low self-esteem and encourage them to seek help. Not only will the book encourage them to seek help, but it will display the options of help that they can utilize personally.

Faith: What advice would you give a young person struggling with self-esteem?

Author Derrick Slack: I would encourage a young person to seek help from a trusted adult, parent, or school official. I want them to know that they are not alone and that their life has meaning. How you think determines who you are. I would also encourage them to worked to find more ways to be engaged in conversations about positive self-image.

Faith: Tell us about you. Where did you go to middle school and high school?

Author Derrick Slack: I attended middle school at Crispus Attucks when it was just a middle school. I was number 45 on the football team which during my time, we never won a game. I attended high school at Arsenal Tech. I’ve published 9 books and have traveled to 30 different countries.

Faith: Anything else you want to share with us?

Author Derrick Slack: Read the book and understand the concepts behind the story which are simply kindness, don’t be a bully and know your worth. First education should be about yourself. Get help when times are difficult.

Faith: Thank you Mr. Slack!

Author Derrick Slack: You’re welcome!

Faith, 17