Meet Naomi

I am an eighth grader who enjoys the performing arts and being in nature. My talents include dancing and acting. I excel at both because I work hard at them. I am an observer, learner, and doer when it comes to the performing arts. In addition, I enjoy the outdoors. Nature is all around us every day. I always take time to appreciate it. Seeing the sun first thing in the morning, when it is gleaming on the morning dew is a wonderful sight to see. It makes me empowered to face a new day.

I enjoy musical theater because I get to dance, act, and sing. I enjoy becoming the character and not just acting in a play. The first real play I performed in was the “Seussical” when I was 9 years old. We had six great performances. I liked entertaining the audience with my talents. I like going to see plays as well. Most recently, I was able to see “Honk!” twice performed by Brownsburg High School. It was amazing to see how everyone got into his or her role. Every time I go to a play, I really get inspired. It makes me look forward to my future goals in acting. When I go to high school, I plan to join musical theater and the drama club. I know that I will get one of the main roles in a future play. After high school, I plan to study performing arts in college. My dream is to join the cast of a famous Broadway Musical in New York City one day.

I have a passion for dance. It is so natural for me. I am currently in the Dance Company at Dance Legacy Studio. My classes are ballet, jazz, tap, and tumbling. Dancing allows me to have fun with music. Showing off my best moves keeps me going and aspiring to become a better dancer. In particular, my ballet class allows me to increase my flexibility. I always have to keep my chin up, hips up, tummy in, and legs straight. I attend dance workshops to help me improve my dance moves. I will be performing next year in several national competitions with my Dance Company and in a Dance Trio with two of my friends. Dancing allows me to show my feeling in a creative way. Last year at my school’s pep rally I was able to choreograph and perform a special dance in honor of my friend Nathan, who is now in heaven.

Furthermore, I am a nature enthusiast. I am always exploring the woods in my backyard to view the beauty of the trees and wildlife. Sometimes when I ride in the car, I listen to music and look at nature through the window. Nature is one of God’s creations and the thing I love most about it is that I feel a positive connection with it. Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves changing colors allows the earth to show off its beauty. Hearing a thunderstorm reminds me to be grateful for the rain that waters the earth.

What makes the world go around for me is dance and nature. I like to connect with both because of the positive energy I get from them. Dance allows me to show the world moves that help to celebrate music. Nature reminds me to pause in the moment and respect all the great creation around me.

Naomi, 13