I was born in Jiangxi, China. I am eleven years old. My date of birth is Novem-ber 13, 2007. I got to the U.S. from my mom and grandmother picking me up. I got on a plane to head from China to Missouri. It took more than 13 hours to get to the U.S. I am glad to be a U.S. citizen because I feel like I am free to do things I wouldn’t be able to do in China.

I like to play sports because I love to compete because I feel I’m very compet-itive. If our team doesn’t win but play good I still have some satisfaction. I love coming up with strategies on how to win like making plays on how to score and even practicing to get better. I started playing sports when I was 4 years old play-ing on a YMCA soccer rec team, called the MIGHTY MIGHTS.

I feel that sports are important in my life because they help me stay active and not get bored doing nothing. I also like it because it teaches to be more social with my teammates and have good sportsmanship with the other team. Sports involves life skills as in knowing how to manage my time and keep good grades up so I can play sports. If I do not have good grades I would not be able to play sports be-cause grades are the most important thing in my education. Sports also teaches me how to be very humble and have great sportsmanship. Knowing if our team loses, I should be a good sport and not be too upset. Sports teaches me to work hard and work to get better than I already am. If you work hard in practice it will pay off in the game because it will all eventually pay off.

I go to St. Joseph Cathedral School and I am in 6th grade. School is actually a very important part of my sport life. If I want to play sports and be eligible to play, I have to have good grades.

I actually do not prefer one sport over another because I love all of them! I feel that they are all unique and different so that is why I love them all.

My family supports me a whole lot by driving me to the places where I need to be, like practices and games. They also support me by buying me the equipment that I need for each sport. I also practice at home with my mom and dad.

The other activities I enjoy doing are piano, video games, and watching movies and tv shows.

Not all of my friends play sports, but some do. Some of them are my teammates. I spend time with the people that don’t play sports by going to places like school dances, school, and hanging out.

The ways I practice are usually outside in my driveway. I like to stay after prac-tices like in basketball when I shoot free throws and just practice my shots. I work in the batting cages and have people who help me train sometimes.

I visualize my high school career as planning on going to Helias High School with lots of my friends. I’m hoping I can play the sports that I love to play now in high school.

Maddy, 11