Meet Kiessence & Jocelyn!

Over the past few years I have learned to be BOLD. I have learned to be a black and brown female leader. I have learned to reach out and grab opportunities. Lastly, I have learned how to develop my brand. These are all things that I can take with me outside of bold also. I apply them to my Presidency of MAC Scholars, being the Founder of Brown Girls Devine, and so much more. I have had to use my brand particularly to get many opportunities, and to correctly advocate for myself in my classes and my school, my home, and my community. I have accomplished so much because of the lessons I have learned in BOLD.

BOLD has taught me that to be a black and brown leader I must be Bold, Strong, and Confident. These are things I did not know how to show correctly until I joined and became engaged in the BOLD academy.

BOLD has taught me that I have to reach out and grab the things that I want. The opportunities that I deserve. Closed mouths don’t get fed doesn’t just apply at the dinner table, especially if you are in the minority, now i know how to reach out and grab them.

BOLD has taught me to develop my brand as a girl that is a young black woman, that is a confident leader, and that strives for things that people tell her she can’t have. Kiessence is that girl. Kiessence is my brand. Thank you BOLD!

Kiessence, 17

The Bold Academy has helped me learn to embrace who I am and that I should be confident in my own skin. The Academy motto is “Be Bold, Be Unique, Be You.” Throughout the week I was able to apply the “Be Bold” by being more of a leader instead of a follower. I was able to understand that being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing. All I needed is to have the drive to be a leader. The Academy wasn’t just about being bold, but also being unique. I learned being unique is just being yourself. During our team building exercises, I noticed that each girl brought a different personality trait that was unique because none else in the group had that trait. I realized mine was being an observer. Even though I may not have spoken frequently I recognized small details that helped us become even stronger than before. The last and most important thing I learned for the academy is to be myself. I finally grasped the idea that to be liked doesn’t mean I need to be someone else. All I needed to do is be myself. Overall, the academy taught me a lot about myself and now I can empower others to “Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Yourself”!

Jocelyn, 15