Meet Gauge, Ruari, and Jayleigh


Stereotypes have definitely impacted my life. They are something at least we all thought of before like calling some- one a geek, but you don’t need to tell people that you are part of a specific stereotype or that they are a stereotype.

They might think that you’re trying to be rude to them by telling them that they are in a specific group/ stereotype. Then they also might be mad at you for calling them a nerd or geek or emo they also might get mad for calling them a weirdo or something like that it isn’t necessary. But people have their own opinion and I try my best not to think of someone that they wouldn’t want to be called.

Then here’s what I think when someone asks “What is a stereotype”. I think of the cool kids, emo’s, the fat guy, cheer- leaders, jocks, and gamers. I wouldn’t say that everyone else thinks the same thing. Everyone puts people into groups be- cause they hang out with those people. Then you put a label on them.

Even though there’s more to stereotypes I’m going to end it here because that’s all I have to say. I mean stereotypes have impacted a lot of people.

Ruari, 13

The two stereotypes I get called are fat kid or gamer and just be- fore I talk about these two I’ll talk about stereotypes in general. Well stereotypes start for judging people from there color, what they do or even just speculation on that type of people they are. That is how rac-ism started so to put it in simple words, just discrimination, well worth fighting for it, to stop it, it starts with you even if you don't discriminat- ed. People you can still stop it, just like bullying we don’t need it. Like I said earlier, I get called the fat kid and a gamer, well that can affect me. In school under the stigma of gamers are bad and all a fat people does is eat, that is wrong! That is just some of that thing I get called but how did I get over them? Well kinda like bullying, you just don't let it get under your skin, but that basic way to put it is that even if it hurts you, even if it may be rude, don't react to it because they want a re- sponse. Here's something I did I regret doing and you should not do it:

1. Don't try to fight or throw a punch, I did that and well I made his nose bleed.

2. Don't overreact, look at that experience and make yourself a bet- ter person!

3. Now this is want you should do, If your being discriminated against you should tell an adult or teacher about it.

Guage, 14

Have you ever been judged based on your appearance or hobbies?

Maybe if you like video games someone has called you a gamer, or maybe if you wear glasses then people might call you a nerd. Hi, my name is Jayleigh and I am 5 '5 1⁄2, and I'm only in 7th grade. People call me tall and because I am tall, that doesn’t really bother me, but it might bother other people. People always assume that I’m an athlete. The only sport I play at the moment is basketball. I'm hoping to play track further on in the year. People always ask me, “How tall are you?” “What sports do you play?” They always assume that I play sports. What if i didn’t play sports and I was just a normal kid? You shouldn’t judge peo- ple by what they look like, their age, or their hobbies. Get to know the person before you assume things then you know if they are what you think they are. Never judge a book by its cover.

Jayleigh, 12