It all started in June 2005. That’s when my mom found out she was pregnant with me. She was very excited but very worried. In December 2005, I almost came early! But I was born on January 24, 2006. I only weighed 4 lbs 14 oz., and was 19 inches long. I only had to stay in the hospital three days because I was full term and eating well. If I had been born a few weeks earlier, I would have been considered a preemie. We stayed at my grandmas, and then we moved to an apartment.

When I was 3, I went down a slide and hit my head and I passed out for a bit. That was my first hospital visit. One year later we moved to Centralia. That year was my first year of daycare. That’s also where the daycare wasn’t paying attention, and I was found near the railroad by a bystander! My mom was really mad and terrified. Obviously, she put me in a different daycare after that.

Fast forward several years to 3rd grade. That’s when I had my first bike accident and it left a deep gash. I also played baseball for one year. Then, in 4th grade, I fractured my elbow. I started becoming adventurous, exploring around, but also still shy. I am a gamer, and I play a lot of different games. Sometimes I play the games online with friends, or they will come over, and we will hang out and play video games.

In 5th grade, I became very interested in math. Also, that year I went into an after school program called SMART, Students and Mentors Achieving Responsibility Together. We work on homework, do fun activities, and have clubs. Some of my favorite clubs are Cooking, Exercise, Cake Decorating, and STEM. SMART helps me improve my grades because I can get help when I am stuck on something. I’m also very happy that SMART is able to have field trips. I like to help our community by volunteering for different events. I am able to do that a lot in SMART.

I was also in SMART in sixth grade and started writing for BoldlyU. We meet at least once a month to work on articles, and once a month with Darla Harmon. I have been in two BoldlyU photo shoots. I liked it, but it was kind of awkward! I am very proud of this article.

Finally, in the summer of 2017, me and my family went to Alabama at the Gulf of Mexico. It was a great vacation because it was my first one and I got to go on a dolphin tour. I saw a lot of dolphins swimming and jumping in the ocean.

My family might go on vacation this summer. I wish we could go to Hawaii, but it is really far away and expensive. Next year I will be in seventh grade and hopefully continue to be in SMART and write for BoldlyU. I don’t know much about being a seventh grader, but I am looking forward to it!

Braydon, 12