Junior Board of Lizzy's Walk of Faith Foundation

My sweet Elizabeth Joy, “Lizzy”. What do you say about such a sweet little girl whose life was cut way too sh

ort? I will do my best to make this brief. I know some amazing kids are reading this magazine right now and I am trying to think, what would Lizzy want you to know? I think after being her mom for 10 sweet years I think I have an idea. Lizzy was a brave girl. She didn’t think she was perfect or had it all together, she just knew she didn’t want to be left out. She was the youngest in her family, she adored her big sister and brother. She wanted to do what they could do. She loved to sing and dance, though at times it scared her to do so in front of people. She did many things afraid and you know what, it encouraged a lot of other people around her. Lizzy really thought about the feelings of others. She didn’t like to see others hurting, especially kids. When she was diagnosed with cancer and had to leave her family and go all the way to Memphis to St. Jude, a hospital for kids with cancer, the hardest part about that for her was seeing all of the other kids in pain and hurting. Lizzy went through a lot of pain herself, she spent the last 15 months of her life in a wheelchair or on braces. Lizzy lived her best life that last year of her life giving, encouraging, uplifting all of those around her. Lizzy needed a cure from her bone cancer and the last thing she wanted to give was her tumors to St. Jude, in hopes they could find a cure that would help another little kid that ended up like her. Lizzy had some amazing friends and chose her friends wisely. Lizzy was a good friend and they knew that. Her friends were very sad and hated seeing Lizzy in pain and not get to live. Her friends wanted to make a difference and push through their pain. They are now on our Junior Board of Lizzy’s Foundation that we created to honor Lizzy, help families going through pediatric cancer and help raise money to help St. Jude find a cure for Osteosarcoma. Lizzy would want you to know, you can do the hard things, you can help others, your life matters and live everyday like it is a gift! Be brave like Lizzy.

I love being on Junior Lizzy Board. It is so amazing that I get to help other people who have cancer and to tell Lizzy’s story. Lizzy’s story can impact others by showing what she was going through. The Junior Lizzy Board lets people with cancer know that they are not alone and we are there to help them fight. For Christmas we sent Christmas cards to some of the people who have cancer to let them know not only we are here to fight with them, but so is God. Lizzy was so encouraging and her story can help others with theirs. I am so grateful to be on the Junior Lizzy Board and I can’t wait to go to Washington D.C to help others with cancer.

Ava, 12

My name is Valle. I want to be apart of the Lizzy Foundation because whenever Lizzy was going through cancer, she was in a lot of pain. It was very sad to hear about and see. I’m glad that I got chosen to help and be apart of this. I don’t think any kid deserves to go through this, and that’s why I want to help.

Valle, 13

Being a part of the junior board means a lot to me. Lizzy's Walk of Faith Foundation helps families facing childhood cancer as well as live on Lizzy's legacy. I know how hard it was for me to watch my friend go through that and I can’t imagine what it’s like to watch your child or sibling hurt so bad. I know how grateful the Wampler’s were for the help and support other people gave them and I’d love to help other families feel that way.

Frank, 13

My name is Gracie. I am on Lizzy Wampler’s Junior Board. I am so happy to be on the board. I am so excited to help with cancer awareness. Watching what Lizzy went through has really encouraged me to help others with cancer. She was a great friend that I will never forget. I am so excited to be a part of Lizzy’s Foundation and watch it grow. I am really hoping to go to Cure Fest next September in Washington D. C. I think that it would be a great learning opportunity for me. I think that it would also help me to understand what cancer awareness is really all about. It is sometimes hard to understand what people are going through if you aren’t going through it yourself. I’m so thankful to be a part of the foundation!

Gracie, 13

My name is Violet and I have been best friends with Lizzy since the start of Kindergarten. With our birthdays just a week a part, we often enjoyed celebrating together with our friends. When Lizzy was diagnosed with cancer, we didn't really know what it meant. We saw our friend sick and in pain and we wanted to help. We came up with the idea to hold a bake sale at our school to raise money for the Wamplers. My mom works for a local non-profit organization called Veterans United Foundation that was able to surprise us and match these funds! Now the Wamplers are giving back in the biggest way possible and I am grateful to be a part of it and honor my friend, Lizzy.They have a charity organization called Lizzy's Walk of Faith Foundation that holds an annual 5k to donate toys and money, etc. to kids at St. Jude and other local families battling cancer.

I am excited to be a part of the Junior Board, bringing smiles and joy to these kids who are going through a lot of pain. I want them to know that someone is thinking of them and praying for them by making cards, looking for small gifts, and by helping out with fundraisers. I am excited to help raise awareness and bring new research to find a cure for cancer and stop the pain and hurt, felt by these kids.

Violet, 12