Jodi & Chris - Love & The Outcome

1. Have you both been musical your whole life?

Chris & I both come from musical families. My parents did duets in church as long as I can remember, and Chris’ dad sang in a gospel quartet. Chris first played bass and toured with his dad’s group called “The Muddy River Quartet”. I took piano lessons and sang in a choir all thru elementary school. So yes, music has always been a big part of our lives!

2. Did either of you play an instrument in school? If yes, what did you play?

I played trumpet in band, and Chris played clarinet (although I don’t think he tells anyone that lol).

3. Where did you both grow up?

We both grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, a city of 800,000 people, in the middle of the prairies. We lived 5 minutes apart and our dads worked together, but we never met until years later!

4. How did you meet?

We met when we both auditioned to be part of a worship group that was traveling around Canada doing city wide worship nights. We toured together leading worship for 2 years. I think God was preparing us for the future!

5. How do you juggle your relationship, your kids, and career?

It is a big juggling act, and sometimes days go smoothly and sometimes they don’t! We have carved out work time and family time as well as a date night every week. Having those boundaries helps a lot!

6. Do your kids go on tour with you? If they do, do they like meeting new people?

Tour life is our normal, and our boys normal. They don’t know anything else because we’ve taken them on the road since they were both 6 weeks old. We bought a small bus that has 6 bunk beds in it, so we make life on the road feel as similar to life at home, as possible. We don’t bring a nanny along, we ask for each concert venue to provide childcare so the boys are constantly meeting new people and they seem to love it. I hang out with them all day until showtime, and then someone comes to hang out with them while we play. The truth is as long as we’re together we’re always home so it just works!

7. You dance in your videos, have you always like to dance?

I love dancing around the house and singing my heart out. My boys usually join in on the drum kit. Every days a party!

8. What advice would you give kids in Middle School?

Don’t worry. It will all work out. You are amazing and what makes you amazing is your uniqueness. God make you you and your worth comes from his love not your gifts and talents.

Interviewed by Iris, 11