Interviewing FUR-SHEN

Why did you start a Youtube channel?

“I decided to start my channel because I was inspired by other Youtube animators.”

What do you think is the hardest thing to do when animating for a video?

“The hardest part is probably getting it done by the time I promised to get it out. With people eagerly awaiting your next upload it feels really bad when you let them down. I still have to balance school and extracuriculars too.”

How many subscribers do you want to have?

“I should be at around 200 subscribers by the end of the year. My ultimate goal is to be able to be recognized.”

About how long does it take to create one video?

“It takes on average about three weeks when I’m not too busy or procrastinating.”

How many people are in your band?

“In my band there are currently four of us, but we’re still looking for another member.”

What’s the name of your band?

“My band and I are called Lost in the Dark.”

How many siblings do you have?

“I only have one brother.”

Who are some of your favorite youtubers? “I’m a fan of Jaiden Animations, Jarvis Johnson,

TheOdd1sOut, Shane Dawson, The Film Theorists, The Game Theorists, EroldStory, etc.”

How did you come up with your channels name? “So I, in 5th grade, really liked the name Forest Sheen so I made all my social medias Forest Sheen and I had my friends start calling me Forest and my best friend at the time was to lazy to call me Forest Sheen so she started calling me Fur-Shen and years later when I was thinking of a name for my YouTube channel it came back up.”

What would you say to people who want to be future animators?

“I’d say that it is hard and frustrating at times but you have to persist and you will get better.”

If you were to go to college, would you go to a school for music or a school for animation?

“I would most likely go to a school for animation and the visual arts, because that’s my true passion.”

Interviewed by Gabby, 11

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