If Cafeteria Tables Could Talk!

I’m the table in the cafeteria and all of the average kids sit on me. Every morning the kids drop nasty syrup on me or other gunky stuff. I get gum stuck to me everywhere, under and on me. I don’t understand why the tables around me have different groups of kids sitting around me. Like the cool group, not popular, smart, boys only, girls only otherwise known as the homies, cheerleaders groups, etc.

People at my table talk about drama and gossip. If I could only talk! I would tell them to be quiet, but they would just ignore me. So, I tell them time and time again, and they just pound on me and kick me. After they talk drama and gossip at my table, they run off and tell other people at the other tables around me, and that is how the rumors start and it spreads like wildfire. Then, I hear the kids say that their going to the counselor about it, and so they do go to the counselor’s office to talk about the rumors. Then, the kids go to the counselors try to solve it by bringing the other kids to her office, and they have to talk about the rumors that get spread around school.

When it’s all solved they sit together at the same table again. Then, they go back to the old times like nothing ever happened. When they go back to their new lives like nothing ever happened then they start more drama again. When it’s all said and done, it starts all over again. Like going to the counselor and talking about it so that their friends again and back to drama. But, hey, that’s just life of a middle schooler. So, just telling you guys, if you ever sit at lunch table don’t kick it, bang on it, or stick gum on it because it is hurting every table’s feelings. Enough talking about drama.

Shyann, 13