High School Robotics Team 1018

Team 1018 our Pike RoboDevils club went from seven males in 2003 to a family of almost 60 students, with diverse ethnicities and genders. With every season, new aspiring and curious members join 1018. One of the many things we are known for is our passionate team spirit during events. 1018 continues to flourish as we strive to build dynamic teams and give back to our community. We also actively seek new opportunities and creatively continue to spread the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) message. Fun facts about robotics at Pikes are our mascot's name is Stan, we have a wrench this is the size of an arm and four of our mentors were on the team when they were in high school. We also have a retired Pike teacher as a mentor. Credits for story:

Malik 17, Cindy 17, Brian 17, Rebekah 19.

Student Quotes:

What is your favorite part of being on 1018? My favorite part of being on 1018 is when we cheer loudly and proudly in the stands. When all of us are cheering for our drive team, there is always an energy that radiates and livens up the room. Especially when other teams join along, the whole entire experience is super fun. It always makes me glad to be a part of this team. - Myky, programming team, 18

My favorite part of robotics is all the members involved and the relationships we have with each other. - Jose, mechanical, 17

My favorite part of being on 1018 is the environment, you feel so welcome. It’s feels like everyone is your family and there’s no judgement at all. Kelly, mechanical team, 18

What goes into preparing for a competition? A lot of work. A lot of planning, a lot of late nights. We also have to work around the drive team so they can practice. The days before competition the pit crew has a lot of packing, organizing, learning about all about the robot so we can talk about the robot to the judges. We have to make any last-minute changes and learn about the new changes. We work with our mentors a lot to make sure we understand everything. Alex, mechanical team, 18

When preparing for competition bringing along snacks and our "cheer gear" is important! - Jose, mechanical 17

There’s A LOT that go into preparing for a competition. It can be as complicated as doing last minute adjustments to the robot to cheering and making props. Every-thing that everyone does plays an important role within preparing for competition. Kelly, mechanical team, 18

Describe the feeling when you compete against other teams. I don't go watch the actual competition because our mentors don't want us to worry about the robot. But when the match is over, and they are bringing the robot back I think "I hope they broke nothing too bad"- Alex, mechanical, 18

I feel excited when facing off against other teams as you never know what is going to happen. Jose, mechanical, 17

The feeling is hard to explain, it’s a feeling you get just before you step into a job interview or getting ready to present in front of a whole classroom. It’s a feeling of excitement,determination and being nervous all mixed together. Kelly, mechanical team, 18

Describe the teamwork that goes involved in robotics. Our teamwork requires understanding and cooperation in order to solve problems quickly. Jose, mechanical, 17

The teamwork that gets involved is all around. Everyone plays a role and everyone knows what they are doing once they step in. We have leads and mentors that guide each student what to do and what needs to get accomplished that day. Kelly, mechanical team, 18

What's the biggest challenge for 1018? The biggest challenge is making last minute changes and not knowing if the chang-es are going to work until competition. -Alex, mechanical team, 18

The biggest challenge is combining all the different groups on the team to have a successful season - we are only as strong as our weakest link. Jose, mechanical, 17

The biggest challenge of 1018 is becoming world champion., Kelly, mechanical team, 18