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Is Vaping better than Smoking?

Everyone has been taught that smoking is bad for you. But what about vaping? Is it the same thing? Isn’t it a healthier option? Let’s talk about what it is and the impact it can have from a doctor’s perspective. Vaping has many names including e-cigarettes, e-juice, and juuling. All of these are terms can be used to describe inhaling vaporized liquid from an electronic cigarette device. The difference be-tween vaping and smoking a traditional cigarette is that there is no burning, or combustion. The liquid is heated on a small coil and turns to gas which you then inhale. Although vaping is sometimes marketed as being healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes, the chemicals and products of the vaporizing process are known to be toxic. There have been studies asking kids your age if they have tried electronic cigarettes and, if so, why they were attracted to them. The majority of kids say they were curious, bored, or the flavors tasted good. These studies have also found that kids who start vaping, tend to continue smoking either electronic or traditional cigarettes into their adult life.

Vaping is not as harmless as you may think. You may have heard of flavored, nicotine free cartridges. Some kids think that because there is no nicotine, it’s not even smoking. This may not actually be true. Researchers have analyzed the liquid cartridges and found that those labeled nicotine free do actually have nicotine in them. Nicotine is a drug that is the main addictive agent in cigarettes. It is what is called a stimulant, meaning it tells your brain to release chemicals which wake you up and make you feel like you have more energy. The danger of nicotine is that it is a very addictive substance, meaning when you use it frequently, your body begins to want it more and more. It becomes a craving.

You may hear people say that vaping is better than smoking traditional cigarettes because it doesn’t give you cancer. This also is a myth. The chemicals in the liquid inhaled with electronic cigarettes, although different from those found in traditional cigarettes, are toxic and can also cause damage to your body that can also lead to cancer.

Vaping may seem cool and like it is not a big deal. But your body is a big deal. Your body is yours alone and you only get one of them for your whole life. It’s a big responsibility to take care of it, so be smart and be bold.

Dr. Brittani M. Corbisiero, DO