Fun unicorn DIY’S for when you're on the go.

Shout out to @FimoKawaiiEmotions for helping me with this DIY that I now can show you! Lets get started!!!!!! First you need these things 1:50g of cornstarch 2:silicone gun(pistola silicone) 3: 30g of silicone 4:ball of wool ( teal)( lana)Lets get started! First you mix the cornstarch and the silicone together. Next you need to cover your phone with plastic before doing this step. Then after you do that and mix the ingrediants together you mold the cornstarch and silicone mix on your phone. Then let it dry.After it dries your need to cut off the excess off your screen. Take some more of your mixture and make ears on it (make a triangle). Then let it dry. Then get some pink paint and paint the inside of the ears and also let them dry. While it's drying you can make the pom pom by taking the yarn and put it between your middle finger and ring finger then you start to twirl it around your middle, ring, and pointer fingers and cut the excess off.Then you take it off then tie it in half and cut each side and roll it around in your hand and then you have your pom pom. Next take two buttons then you take some string and put it through the two holes and glue it to the phone case. Get some polymer clay and get pink and white clay and mix together the clay, then twist it into a unicorn horn. Then bake it. Next glue the pom pom on and the horn on. Then paint the cheeks on with pink paint then next, you need to take red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink paint and paint it down on the unicorns mouth to make it drool out rainbow Next use some white paint and make little stars on the rainbow drool. Then, next put it on your phone and rock it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)!

Sydni, 10