Bullying Words

Words can be complicated, and extraordinarily vast in definitions. Everybody has their own understanding of words, and everyone feels different about them. Things like music can affect people in so many different ways, because people all feel the words in their own way, that no one else could understand. Unfortunately, it’s the same variation of meanings that can end up as misinterpreted, or have unintentional consequences.

For example, a lot of times cyber bullying is unintentional. Cyber bullying is awful enough because people can say malicious things, and usually anonymously, so they hardly get punished for it. There are some cases though, where the culprits simply blew a joke out of proportion. Sometimes a threat can start out as all in good fun, but it’s difficult to convey exactly what you mean over the internet. It’s just the words, and the actual intentions behind any line of text could be up for debate.

A lot of people don’t see how cyber bullying can be harmful; it’s hard to because it’s usually multiple different scenarios at the same time. If you get bombarded with rude comments, insults and mean jokes, a lot of the time by people that could be anyone, not only do you start to believe them, it can leave you paranoid. Also, something that is the funniest thing in the world to you could be offensive or even threatening to another person. Saying something for shock factor, especially on an anonymous app isn’t always the best idea.

There’s unnecessary issues that come with taunting people anonymously. Chances are there’s other people doing the same thing, which only multiplies the issue. I love a good joke as much as anyone, but wouldn’t it be easier to say it in person? There are some things that need to stay offline.

Tyson, 13