Book Review: On The Come Up

One of my favorite books that I have read is On The Come Up. I found this book in my local library and have seen it on the shelves of many stores. This intriguing book was written by Angie Thomas. Angie Thomas has written some excellent books, including a very popular book that has gained a lot of attention, titled, The Hate U Give. On The Come Up is very similar to The Hate U Give, therefore, if you enjoyed it, I recommend this page-turner. In this book, there is a teenage African-American girl named Bri, who has dreams of becoming a rapper, just like her father, whose music became very popular after he passed away. Bri’s dad died when she was young, so she didn’t know how to emotionally handle it. Now that she

is older, she knows she wants to fill his shoes. Bri is growing up in a high crime neighborhood called Garden Heights. Even though she lives in the projects, her mother tries very hard for her and her siblings to make it out. They are sent to the best school in the area. Bri has a lot of problems trying to “come up” in her area. There are days where she doesn’t eat and days where she runs into some negative people. It is very hard to become a rapper when you are a girl. The people in her area didn’t take girls seriously, but Bri didn't let that get in the way of her dreams. In the story, Bri does everything she can to reach her dreams. I recommend this book to young teens all the way to adults. On The Come Up is an engaging book of great characters whom you can identify with that seem real. There is excitement, times of happiness and sadness, and humor. I hope you will read this book. I can guarantee it will not be a waste of your time!

London, 15