Behind the flat earth theory

The flat earth theory is one that most of us are familiar with. Recently there was a mockumentary by the infamous Logan Paul. If you are unaware of this theory, it is the idea that NASA has lied to the population about the shape of Earth. According to the Flat Earth Society, Earth is not the spherical shape that the majority of us know it as, but rather a flat plain, like this;

It’s ridiculous, I know. These people have formed themselves a large group of “flat earthers’ who call themselves the Flat Earth Society. This group believes that the earth is a disc, with the arctic circle in the middle and Antarctica forming a 150 foot icy wall around the “edge”. Furthermore, gravity is a lie, they claim. Objects do not fall downward; instead, the disc of Earth is pushed upward at 9.8 precisely meters per second squared, by a mysterious force called “dark energy”. “Flat-earthers” believe photos of the globe are photoshopped. That NASA has lied to us about going to the moon. Of course the reason for why NASA would lie to us isn’t quite something they’ve formulated yet. It seems a reccurring theme with flat-earthers that they don't seem to think about in the grand scheme of things, and how big the earth actu- ally is. Possibly the most common argument for why the earth is flat is due to the fact that when driving, you dont feel or see the cuve of the earth. It seems that the mjority of flat earthers don’t seem to realize tht the earth is much bigger than we -- tiny humans -- could ever be able to see.

Pasha, 14