Becoming a Freshman!

When becoming a freshman you have to know all the things that the high school expects you to do and follow the rules. Also, when someone in a higher grade asks you to do something that you know is wrong, do the right thing. You want to be a leader not a follower. One day being a leader will get you all A’s in school, scholarships to college, and even get you a job you love and still get paid good money.

Sometimes when I enter a new school, I get a little worried about if people will like me or not, and what I should do to fit in. My advice is to be yourself and to never do something that you will regret just to fit into a group that you may never see again after high school. If you want my advice view these 5 tips below.

1. Always keep your locker organized

2. Keep a folder for each class

3. Listen to your teacher even if it’s boring because it may help you on a test

4. Write things down even if you don’t think it’s important because chances are it may

be also on a test

5. Don’t forget to always keep an extra pencil with you

Sometimes people wonder if the stories are true in high school about being thrown into lockers, getting super wedgies, being pushed around and bullied, and even getting a swirly in the bathroom toilets. Well, I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I haven’t been there yet, but I can tell you one thing is to be yourself and stand up to people that are against you. And to those of you who like to fight, sometimes you just have to walk away from the problem, no matter how mad you are. Because there are always consequences and those consequences are not worth the bad grades.

Krystal, 14