Be Confident!

Confidence can be hard, especially if you are an introvert. I definitely have a hard time talking to people without being awkward. When I moved, and had to make friends all over again, my parents gave me some advice that really helped me. Here are a few of their tips.

- Look the person in the eyes when you

are talking to them. This shows them

that you care about what they are

talking about (even if you don’t!)

- Get people to talk about themselves.

People love to talk about themselves,

so it will be easy to listen after that.

- Don’t interrupt. Ever.

- If you are having a conversation, and don’t think that they are listening, look at their feet.

If their feet are pointing at you, they are listening. If their feet are pointing away, then

they are trying to get out of the conversation.

- Know when to stop talking, and listen more than talk.

- Avoid awkward pauses at all costs.

- Be mindful of your audience. Don’t say anything that could hurt or offend them.

- If you seriously can’t think of anything else to talk about, compliment them.

- Think of things to say beforehand, so you are prepared.

- Ask them how their day is going. This may show you that you and the person you are

talking to share things in common.

- If you have to get out of a conversation, let them have the last word.

- It’s alright to tell the person you are talking to if they hurt your feelings or made you feel


- BE YOURSELF! This is the most important. There is no point in trying to get to know them

if they don’t get to know the real you.

Gracie, 14