Athlete of the Month: Payten

Meet the athlete of the month Payten. Payten is a cheerleader at Eagle Elite in Columbia. She is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. She does competitive cheer which means she goes to competitions all over Missouri. Payten’s competitive cheer season starts out with tryouts in May to see if you make the team! Once you make the team, the season ends the following April. So that means she only has one month off a season. Payten goes to practice two times a week for several hours. After competitions Payten loves to go back to the hotel and go swimming with her teamates. Payten started playing sports when she was really young because she thought it would be fun! She plays other sports as well like volleyball and tennis. When she isn’t busy with sports her hobbies are drawing and hanging out with her friends! Payten has a very fun attitude and a positive personality. When you meet her you can tell right away that she does cheer because she is so peppy and upbeat!

Ella, 12