Athlete of the Month: Holly, 11

Ella: What’s the name of your team?

Holly: My horse and I don’t have a team name. but my softball teams name is the Rockets

Ella: What sports do you play? Which one do you like the most? And why do you like it?

Holly: I play softball and horse riding. I like horse riding the best because you get to interact with the horses.

Ella: Why did you start playing sports?

Holly: I started because I loved all my horses

Ella: Tell me about your season? Do you travel? When is it? What do you like the most?

Holly: My sport season doesn’t have as many shows as you would expect but it takes a lot of practice. Yes I do travel, my season is in the spring and fall. I like everything the same but the event I love is cross country.

Ella: What’s your favorite part about being an athlete?

Holly: I love being able to do something others can’t.

Ella: What is something you’ve learned from playing sports that makes you better person?

Holly: Being a team member and learning to do stuff that takes heart.

Ella: Do you have a favorite coach? What’s something your coach has taught you?

Holly: Kris Wallace. She has taught me everything I know in horse riding.

Ella: Have you made friends playing sports? Tell me about them?

Holly: Yes lots! Most of the people I know are from playing sports.

Ella: How do you keep your mind focus on training hard and getting better?

Holly: I think about my goals and how I want to pursue them.

Ella: What do you do to practice and get better outside of your regular practices?

Holly: I go to just “free ride” my horse a lot and use that time to practice little stuff and eventually we can overcome those flaws.

Ella, 12