Athlete of the Month: Anyia, 12

Tori:What is the name of your team? Anyia: Champion Force Tori:Why did you start cheer? Anyia:Because I love to dance and its fun. Tori:What sport do you play? Anyia: I’m a cheerleader Tori:What your fav part about cheer?

Anyia: I love doing stunts. Tori:Who do you wish to be at every game or match?

Anyia: My whole family.

Tori:What age did you start to cheer? Anyia: I believe I was like 8years old. Tori:How long will you be cheerleading? Anyia: Most likely till I get out of collage. Tori:What image gets you ready for the game? Anyia: I just say, "Anyia you got this!"

Tori, 12