Athlete of the Month: Amari, 11

What is your favorite sport and why?

My favorite sport is football because you can run and lose weight. Also, I get to tackle people really hard. What is your favorite team in football? My favorite team is the New England Patriots. I like them because they win a lot and I like Tom Brady.

Why did you start playing football?

When I was a little kid I used to watch football with my dad and then I wanted to start playing football. I love to run a lot. What team do you plan on and how long is the season? I play for the Rams, and the season is for 8 games. We practice every week.What positions do you play?

I play Running Back and Wide Receiver but my favorite is Wide Receiver be-cause when the quarter back throws the ball really high I get to jump high to catch it and then run far for a touchdown. What is your favorite part of being an athlete?

I like playing and going against people. Plus, I love running and jumping and having fun with my friends. What is something you’ve learned from playing Football?You have to keep turning your back to look for the football when you running so you are always ready to catch the ball.

What advice would you give yourself and younger kids when they start to play football? Always catch the ball with two hands.